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About Us

Expertrek was born in September of 2017 with it's headquarter set in London (UK). Expertrek's mission is the disclosure and promotion of Experience, in other words, not only to create relationships within artisans and professionals, but also to include normal people with users and turists who want to enrich their holidays with experiences of the place.
In the internal web-portal anyone can post, discover, and book unique experiences; the web- portal is available and useable from any desktop device or mobile phone.
Expertrek's service extends worldwide, the experiences can be adquired in any nation, there are no limits! Expertrek is a simple and direct way to create a new profit typology for whoever has an experience to offer, showing your abilities to million of people.
Luciano De Martiis - CEO

Luciano De Martiis is the Chief Executer Officer of Expertrek. He has lived many experiences in his lifetime, such as being involved in diverse business ideas, or taking part of the launch of a number of entrepeneurial startups. However, when he discovered Expertrek, he decided to dedicate time and effort in this company, so as to give people the possibility to live new exciting life experiences. Joining Expertrek's team has became a challenge for Luciano, as for the other members. To be on board will directly provide responsiblility in making the critical decisions for the company, whether to raise money, to be acquired, to participate in important strategic transactions and whether to hire or fire senior management.
Paolo Frulio - COO

Paolo Frulio is the Chief Operator Officer of Expertrek, after achieving his tecnical industrial diploma in 2002, he has launched his self-emloyement activity in the web context and in advertising graphics. He has collaborated with STL (Sardegna Nord Ovest) for many years, gaining advanced knowledge in turism marketing. Nowadays he coordinates and optimises all the operative and project activity of Expertrek.
Simone Barioglio - CTO

Simone Barioglio is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Expertrek. His role is fundamentally to be in the technical decisions, as the actual statement says, although he also deals with looking for synergies in the United States for Expertrek. His personal motto is “The Details Make The Difference”, with time it has became his real mission, although impossible to achieve in every context, therefore “we are human, the machine with the biggest bug in the world”; anyway by now a mantra follows him in every professional decision. His knowledge in the digital sector has been self-taught, he began his enterpreneurial career at a very young age, lauching his first business project at the age of 19. Besides Expertrek, he has invested time and money in other 7 projects, from where 2 have become startups. He has worked with diverse clients in different countries and has cooperated with more than 10 companies of the sector, from which some are considered as the most important and known in the world. One of his first enterpreneurial experience in the startup world has been done in the internal of one of the best university startup incubator at a worldwide level according to the Top 25 classification of UBI Index. However, Simone defines himself as a developer and he is convinced that in this job no one is better than someone else and everyone makes mistakes, therefore he spends with constancy and dedication most of his time to reach his dreams, moreover “Dreams cost...and we are not referring to money”. In Expertrek, other than being the developer, he is also an Expert Creator, as he himself would like to fully enjoy the places where the real expert people are, the ones who live and spend time there.

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